About Us

Advanced Airborne Sensors

Panvion is a Canadian  company focusing exclusively on creating unique advanced airborne sensors that provide wide-area oblique coverage and high-resolution imagery for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, ISR, and Search & Rescue applications.  The scanning sensors make it possible to cover over ten times more ground area than any other system within a given time frame. This translates directly into savings in flight cost, faster mission completion and shorter acquisition time avoiding the vagaries of weather.

Panvion’s airborne oblique and nadir sensors are configured also for multispectral agriculture monitoring of plant health, and in forestry for tree species identification. The sensor geometry is optimized for the creation of 3-D Dense Stereo Models through Point Cloud  algorithms. Platforms from UAVs, VSTOL, helicopters, and high-altitude manned aircraft can accommodate the lightweight and powerful sensors. Panvion’s sensors cover spectral bands from the ultraviolet, visible, NIR, SWIR and thermal infrared, using fast-acting innovative scanning optics.